Address Hygiene and Verification

DirectMailers offers a CASS Certified address hygiene and verification API containing over 165 Million USPS verified postal addresses. Our restful address verification API is free to use and has no subscription or use charges associated with it.

Potential use cases include; Verifying and correcting addresses before mailing, correcting addresses in a list, removing duplicated addresses from a list based on the standardized address, minimizing delivery delays by only using valid addresses.

Sample Request

In this example we will pass an address which requires some hygiene.

	"Address": {
		"AddressLine1": "3500 Dear Creek Road",
		"City": "Palo Alto",
		"State": "CA",
		"Zip": "94304"

Sample Response

The DirectMailers address verification API has returned a standardizized address correcting “3500 Dear Creek Road” to “3500 Deer Creek Rd” and verifying that the address is DPV (delivery point validated) valid.

    "Data": {
        "Verification": {
            "DpvValid": true,
            "Message": "Address was DPV confirmed for both primary and (if present) secondary numbers"
        "ReturnedAddress": {
            "AddressLine1": "3500 Deer Creek Rd",
            "AddressLine2": "",
            "City": "Palo Alto",
            "State": "CA",
            "Zip": "94304"
        "AddressElements": {
            "DpvAnswer": "Y",
            "DpvAnswerTest": "Address was DPV confirmed for both primary and (if present) secondary numbers",
            "Street": "3500 Deer Creek Rd",
            "City": "Palo Alto",
            "State": "CA",
            "Zip5": "94304",
            "Zip4": "1317",
            "Company": "",
            "HouseNumber": "3500",
            "PreDir": "",
            "StreetName": "Deer Creek",
            "Street2": "",
            "Suffix": "Rd",
            "PostalDir": "",
            "Pmb": "",
            "LeftOver": "",
            "Suite": "",
            "Sud": "",
            "UnitNum": "",
            "Urb": "",
            "LastLine": "Palo Alto, CA 94304-1317",
            "CountyName": "Santa Clara",
            "CountyNum": "085",
            "Rdi": "",
            "Lot": "0251",
            "LotDirection": "A",
            "Lacs": "",
            "CongressDist": "18",
            "Crrt": "C051",
            "DpvCmra": "N",
            "Dpb": "943041317008"

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Address Verification requests are and will always bee free of charge. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we can help!
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